Oct 032011

We have recently moved our build engine over to Jenkins, and were rather impressed by the maven integration (along with some maven plugins) for unit testing, javadoc, checkstyle, and findbugs. Have a look here:

However, we build more than java/maven products, so I really wanted to see what it offered to our various scons/python/c++ builds.

We already run cppunit and unittest(python), but can Jenkins give us more than console output?

The answer is YES.

There are jenkins plugins which will capture the XML output from cppunit, The plugin to use is xUnit.

Nose is a python test framework will generate output in a which can be imported natively into Jenkins.

The result?

Our large console output log is less useful for visually capturing what happened on a build, and it main reason for being read by a developer has been replace by some pretty graphs on the build page.

Cheers Jenkins.